5 Ways to Manage YouTube Notifications on iPhone

14 Mar 2021

5 Ways to Manage YouTube Notifications on iPhone Image

If you're an avid YouTube user, you probably know how annoying poorly performing iPhone notifications can be. Because of it, you can miss some important news or a fresh video on your favorite channel. Notification issues are a whole group of problems that have different natures and causes. Here are five tips to help you troubleshoot.

1. iPhone Settings

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the basic settings of your phone. You have to make sure that problems do not come from the application. You probably haven’t allowed YouTube notifications, and, therefore, you do not receive up-to-date information. To check it, open the Settings, scroll through the list of the installed apps, and find YouTube. Go to the Notifications tab and enable toggle if it is disabled. You can also choose the way of receiving information: Banners, Lock Screen, or Notification Center. If notifications are enabled but all the suggested methods are disabled, you will not receive info.

2. Background Refresh

Another solution to the problem is to allow app refresh. Sometimes, if YouTube does not regularly check for updates, it may not send timely notifications. Without leaving your phone settings, open the Youtube tab and activate background refresh. Now your application will be regularly updated and keep you informed of all the news.

3. Notifications in YouTube

After you verify that the iPhone's settings match your wishes, check the app settings. To do it, you need to open your YouTube profile and find the Notifications column in the settings. Here you can see all the options available for customization: push notifications, recommended videos, comments, mentions, app news, etc. Make sure vibration and sounds are turned on as well. Optionally, you can configure notifications for each resource you subscribe to in the Channel Settings tab. Notice the bell icon next to each profile. Click on it to receive notifications.

4. Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode can be called a "temporary" new device that does not collect your browsing and search history. When you enter this mode, the app is logged out of your main profile. That is why notifications about the channels you subscribe to don’t come to your phone. You may have turned on the Incognito mode by accident. Take a look at the profile icon in the upper right corner. If you see glasses and a hat there, it means private browsing is activated. To switch it off, click on the icon, and pick Turn Off Incognito in the window that appears.

5. Reinstallation

If all the methods described hadn’t led to the fact that YouTube notifications began to arrive on time, it is recommended to take the last resort and reinstall the application. Uninstall it first and then download it again from the AppStore. The "fresh" version should not have old problems.

Use YouTube Notifications to the Full

The lack of notifications doesn't seem to be a big issue, but it can be really annoying. We hope the described methods will help you to improve the situation. Try all the options and restart your iPhone.

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