7 Games That Let You Play As A King or Queen

15 Jul 2023

7 Games That Let You Play As A King or Queen Image

Gaming has always allowed us to step into the shoes of various roles, from heroic knights to stealthy assassins. But there's something special about taking on the mantle of royalty, ruling over kingdoms, and making decisions that shape an entire realm. If you've ever fantasized about being a king or queen, these seven games will allow you to live out that dream. So sit back, grab your crown, and let's dive into the world of regal gaming!

1. Reigns


In Reigns, you'll become a monarch navigating the complexities of ruling a kingdom. As a ruler, you'll need to make choices by swiping left or right Tinder-style, balancing the needs of your people, the church, and your military. Each decision will have consequences, shaping the fate of your reign. Whether you aim for a prosperous dynasty or fall victim to an untimely demise, Reigns offers a unique gameplay experience that will have you hooked.

2. Civilization 6

Civilization 6 king

Civilization 6 allows you to guide a civilization from its humble beginnings to becoming a global powerhouse. As the ruler of your chosen civilization, you'll make diplomatic decisions, wage wars, explore new territories, and make key technological advancements. With the ability to strategize and shape the course of history, Civilization 6 proves that being a king or queen is not just about a crown but about leading your people to greatness.

3. Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3 king

If you're looking for a deep and immersive experience as a ruler, look no further than Crusader Kings 3. This grand strategy game puts you in control of a medieval dynasty, where you must manage your realm, make alliances, wage wars, and ensure the prosperity of your bloodline. With a complex web of characters and events, every decision you make will have far-reaching consequences, making Crusader Kings 3 a must-play for any aspiring king or queen.

4. King's Quest

King's Quest

King's Quest is a classic adventure game series that allows you to embark on a heroic journey as a king named Graham. Throughout the series, you'll solve puzzles, navigate treacherous terrains, and make important choices that will shape your kingdom's destiny. With its charming storytelling and captivating gameplay, King's Quest offers a delightful experience for those who wish to step into the shoes of a valiant ruler.

5. Long Live The Queen

Long Live The Queen

In Long Live The Queen, you take on the role of a young princess who must navigate the complex world of court politics and survive long enough to reach her coronation. As the queen-to-be, you'll need to make decisions that affect your skills, relationships, and, ultimately, your survival. With its unique blend of visual novel and simulation gameplay, Long Live The Queen provides a challenging and rewarding experience for those seeking regal intrigue.

6. Europa Universalis 4

Europa Universalis 4 game

If you're a fan of grand strategy games and enjoy the intricacies of managing an empire, Europa Universalis 4 is the game for you. As the ruler of a nation during the Early Modern era, you'll shape the destiny of your state through diplomacy, trade, exploration, and warfare. With an immense scope and countless possibilities, Europa Universalis 4 offers endless hours of strategic gameplay as you strive for global dominance.

7. Kingdom: Classic

Kingdom Classic

Kingdom: Classic is a minimalistic strategy game that puts you in the shoes of a monarch building and defending your kingdom. With simple controls and a charming pixel art style, you'll recruit loyal subjects, construct defenses, and fend off waves of enemies. Kingdom: Classic offers a relaxing and immersive experience, perfect for anyone who wants to experience royal life in a more casual and accessible way.

After carefully reviewing all these royal games, it's clear that Crusader Kings 3 stands out as the best game for players who want the most authentic and comprehensive experience as a king or queen. Its intricate mechanics, deep storytelling, and unparalleled level of decision-making make it an absolute gem in the genre. So, crown yourself and embark on an unforgettable journey in Crusader Kings 3!