Understanding Gen Z: Key Insights for Brands to Connect with Younger Consumers

27 Jun 2023

Understanding Gen Z: Key Insights for Brands to Connect with Younger Consumers Image

As the holiday season approaches, brands are looking for ways to connect with consumers, particularly the elusive Gen Z demographic. Snapchat has recently shared some valuable insights on how to engage with this audience, providing crucial pointers for marketing strategies. Gen Z, a generation of digital natives, requires a more authentic and relevant approach to advertising compared to its predecessors. How can brands tailor their messaging to resonate with Gen Z?

Firstly, Gen Z consumers crave personalized and contextually relevant messaging. Growing up with advanced ad targeting, they are less likely to be swayed by broad-reaching campaigns. Snapchat's research reveals that this generation seeks content that aligns with their values, lifts their spirits, and keeps them informed. Brands should focus on creating advertising that touches on these motivations and fosters positive experiences.

Another key finding is that younger consumers want to shop with brands that share their values and convictions. Approximately 75% of respondents said they were more likely to be loyal to businesses that take a stand on social issues, share related information, or run ads about social change. This trend highlights the importance of brand purpose – a company's reason for being beyond profit-making – for attracting Gen Z shoppers.

Brands looking to connect with Gen Z must acknowledge and adapt to their unique preferences and needs. Crafting personalized, contextually relevant messaging, fostering positive experiences, and demonstrating a commitment to social causes are essential for building loyalty among this demographic. By taking these factors into consideration, companies can not only boost sales but also contribute to a better world, resonating with the values of younger consumers.