Unlocking The Hidden Finale in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Its Significance

29 Jul 2023

Unlocking The Hidden Finale in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Its Significance Image

The iconic Western video game, Red Dead Redemption II, offers a multitude of endings that hinge on player choices throughout the game. One impactful ending involves the death of Arthur Morgan, the game's central character. However, a lesser-known bonus ending awaits players who achieve 100% completion of the game. This poignant ending depicts John Marston, the game's epilogue character, visiting Arthur's grave, effectively tying up the game's narrative. This article will guide players on how to unlock this secret ending and its implications in the game's storyline.

Steps to Uncover the Secret Ending in Red Dead Redemption 2

Contrary to what one might assume, achieving 100% completion doesn't require finishing every single task in the game, as that would be exceedingly time-consuming. Instead, players should focus on the following key activities to unlock the bonus ending:

  • Complete stranger missions.
  • Find collectibles.
  • Engage in hunting, including tracking down Legendary Animals.
  • Partake in fishing and visiting points of interest.
  • Max out John's health, stamina, and dead eye stats.
  • Establish solid horse bonding and complete all nine challenges.

Additionally, to achieve 100% completion, several miscellaneous tasks must be completed. These include discovering five shacks, playing all parlor games, interacting with five ranters, ravers, and campaigners, taking a bath, seeing a show, and visiting the theater in Saint Denis.

Delving Into Red Dead Redemption 2's Hidden Finale

As soon as players hit the 100% completion milestone, a brief cutscene unfolds. John stands before Arthur's grave on a hillside in Beecher's Hope. He utters, "Guess we're just about done, my friend," reflecting not only on his and Arthur's journey but also the player's experience in the game. He also records these words in his journal, adding, "It's been quite a journey." The scene is made more poignant with the inclusion of "Unshaken," a song generally viewed as Arthur's theme.

Arthur Morgan's Impact on John Marston's Journey

Throughout the game, Arthur had a profound influence on John. Initially hesitant, Arthur eventually accepted John as a brother or even a surrogate son. He went to great lengths to protect John and his family, rescuing John's son and even breaking John out of a high-security prison. In the high honor ending, a dying Arthur uses his final moments to help John escape, allowing him to start anew with his family. This ultimately leads to Arthur's demise at the hands of Dutch van der Linde, but not before he assures Dutch that John managed to escape.

The Significance of the Secret Ending

The secret ending provides a fitting conclusion to the game after players have explored all that Red Dead Redemption II has to offer. It is a tribute to Arthur, the man who repeatedly saved John and eventually sacrificed himself for him and his family. The visit to Arthur's grave underscores the significance of Arthur's actions and his impact on John's life.