Unraveling the Fabric of Reality: Top-5 Games Like Control

05 Jul 2023

Unraveling the Fabric of Reality: Top-5 Games Like Control Image

A fascinating blend of supernatural elements, suspenseful narratives, meticulous exploration, and engaging combat, Control has taken the gaming world by storm. The game, developed by Remedy Entertainment, focuses on Jesse Faden's quest to find her brother in the Federal Bureau of Control while facing paranormal phenomena, perfectly blending spectacle and strategy. And while its unique qualities give it a stand-out identity, there are other Control-like games out there that offer an equally immersive gaming experience. Here are our top picks:

1. Quantum Break

Quantum Break game

With a spellbinding blend of fast-paced action, time manipulation, and narrative-driven gameplay, Quantum Break is the first game to kickstart our list. This game, also developed by Remedy Entertainment, showcases the studio's storytelling talent and passion for creating excellent action sequences.

Quantum Break—Gameplay, Story, and Setting

Set in the fictional North-Eastern U.S. town of Riverport, Quantum Break spins around a time travel experiment gone wrong that creates time manipulation abilities and gives rise to chaotic situations. Users play as Jack Joyce, who can manipulate time, using it as a weapon against the corporation 'Monarch Solutions', trying to cover up the catastrophe. The narrative of Quantum Break is unique, as it combines gameplay with integrated live-action television shows whose outcomes are influenced by the decisions made during gameplay. It truly blurs the line between television and video gaming, providing a remarkable interactive experience.

2. Alan Wake

Alan Wake game

Yet another masterpiece by Remedy Entertainment, Alan Wake, depicts the horror-thriller genre with a new perspective. Inspired by TV shows like Twin Peaks and the literary works of Stephen King, this game is perfect for those fond of Control's blend of ordinary world and supernatural occurrences.

Alan Wake—Gameplay, Story, and Setting

Alan Wake narrates the tale of a best-selling thriller novelist who faces a series of supernatural incidents mirroring the events of his novel. The gameplay is interspersed with combat focusing on light, as the enemies—taken, shrouded in darkness—are weakened by light. Set in the scenic small town of Bright Falls, Washington, every scene and episode introduces new elements of suspense and horror, making sure players are always on the edge of their seats.

3. Prey

Prey game

Developed by Arkane Studios, Prey is a game that marries science-fiction and the first-person shooter genre in an exciting package. Its unique gameplay mechanics and versatile storyline offer the same level of mystery and thrill that Control does.

Prey—Gameplay, Story, and Setting

In Prey, players assume the role of Morgan Yu, a human aboard a spacе station, overrun by hostile aliens. With no memory of past events, Morgan must survive using the tools onboard the station and their wits. The progression of the game is non-linear, and the decisions made in-game affect the narrative, making for an immersive gaming experience. The setting—Talos I, a luxurious space station orbiting the moon—houses many secrets, which add depth to the narrative, much like The Oldest House in Control.

4. The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 game

Created by Tango Gameworks, The Evil Within 2 is a third-person survival horror game. With its surrealistic imagery, mind-bending situations, and adrenaline-pumping action, this game offers a marvelous alternative to Control.

The Evil Within 2—Gameplay, Story, and Setting

In The Evil Within 2, players control Sebastian Castellanos, a former detective consumed by grief and guilt. When offered a chance to save his presumed-dead daughter, he enters a nightmarish world full of grotesque creatures, playing by the rules of the twisted STEM system. The game employs a balance between open-world exploration and linear progression, giving players multiple paths to reach their objectives. The game's setting in Union—a corrupted simulation of an idyllic American town—creates an atmosphere of constant unrest and fear.

5. BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite game

Developed by Irrational Games, BioShock Infinite is a first-person shooter differently. Its exceptional storyline, exciting combat, and mesmerizing environment make it a standout choice for fans of Control.

BioShock Infinite-Gameplay, Story, and Setting

BioShock Infinite puts players in the shoes of Booker DeWitt, a disgraced former Pinkerton agent tasked with rescuing a mysterious woman, Elizabeth, from the airborne city of Columbia. Their ensuing adventure features intensive combat, strategic use of environments, and complex interplay between characters. The city of Columbia is an environment that induces wonder and dread simultaneously.

It’s a utopia gone wrong, filled with political unrest and frightful secrets, in the vein of The Oldest House in Control. Each one of these games presents compelling narratives, breathtaking settings, and gameplay that can engage and thrill just as much as Control does. It's time to venture into these new worlds and unravel their mysteries.