WhatsApp Unveils Exciting New Video Messaging Feature

28 Jul 2023

WhatsApp Unveils Exciting New Video Messaging Feature Image

WhatsApp has made a landmark announcement, revealing that its users can now record and dispatch short video messages directly in their chats. Previously, the messaging giant revolutionized communication with its secure voice messaging feature, and this new development aims to enhance that function by enabling the sharing of instant video messages.

In a recent blog post, WhatsApp explained, “Video messages offer a real-time response option in chats where users can express themselves within a 60-second timeframe. We believe these will offer a delightful way to share life moments packed with the emotional intensity that videos naturally carry. It could be for birthday wishes, sharing a joke, or conveying great news.”

The process of sending a video message is designed to be as straightforward as sending a voice message. Users simply switch to video mode, hold to record, and can even swipe up to lock and record hands-free. Once received, videos will auto-play in a mute mode in the chat, with sound initiated by a tap on the video. Importantly, video messages come with the security of end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp began the roll-out of this feature today, and it is expected to reach all users in the upcoming weeks. This introduction comes as a part of a series of recent updates from WhatsApp, which include an auto-silence feature for calls from unknown numbers and a 15-minute message edit window. There are also reports of the company planning to introduce usernames in the near future.