Pick Someone to Mute on WhatsApp

25 Jun 2022

Pick Someone to Mute on WhatsApp Image

WhatsApp is saving your group conference by adding a selective muting option. There are, of course, features like that on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, but this one is definitely something new. The Meta-owned app is on a roll of several updates to make the platform safe and interesting for new users. We have seen it grow in numbers for a long time.

First of all, you choose yourself who to mute. It can be your roommate or just a person you don’t find that interesting. Such a feature feels like a breath of air when it comes to corporate meetings. So far, only eight people can take part in video calls, but voice calls can include up to 32 participants. In that case, muting someone you want sounds very helpful, so you stay concentrated.

In addition, you can also send private messages to people on your call. It can be an important side note or question and also a simple joke that you can share between the two of you. You don’t need to be worried about counting people up on the conference too since a new feature announces it with an alert when someone joins the call. It helps keep track of participants and gives you an understanding of your audience.

WhatsApp has recently released a whole set of useful updates, like changing the setting of your privacy on the Photos, Last Seen, and About section. Now, only chosen people in your contacts can access this information. It is helpful if you share your working account and home phone number. Moreover, Android users can finally transfer their chat histories to iPhones. The opposite function has been available for more than a year. The chatting platform has been working on many new features which can help it gain popularity in the app market.

What do you use WhatsApp for? Do you find these features helpful? Please, share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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