Players Are Extremely Unhappy with What Happened to Minecraft

04 Aug 2022

Players Are Extremely Unhappy with What Happened to Minecraft Image

Minecraft fans are seething with indignation. At least, this is true for all forms of discussion and social networks where the game is discussed. The community is seriously unhappy with the fact that Mojang, the game's development company, is unwilling to back down and abandon the implementation of private servers, which implies both account-wide player bans and serious moderation. Fans around the world are sounding the alarm, and under the slogan "Save Minecraft" they are trying to do something against what they think will be the point of no return for the world-famous building game.

Not only ordinary players and fans of the game expressed their opinion, but well-known YouTubers as well. Taylor “AntVenom” Harris, a big-time Minecraft YouTuber, said that in the confrontation between Mojang and experienced coders who are against innovation, the advantage is clearly not on the side of the former. He noted that this was by no means a threat on his part but only a statement of a well-known fact. Another player was even more laconic, sending a new update to hell on his own Twitter on the first day of the patch's release. By the way, Twitter has since exploded with hundreds and thousands of similar messages, of which only a part blames the company itself since many consider such a decision to be a consequence of Microsoft's interference.

The sensational hashtag and the wave of hatred for the game were the result of update v1.19.1 for Minecraft: Java Edition. Now players can complain about behavior that is unacceptable in their opinion, and a wave of bans will be everywhere, including private servers.

How do you feel about private servers in Minecraft? Will the company go back on its decision? Please share your opinion below.


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