Pokemon Go Players Frustrated by Avatar Posing Bug That Freezes the Game

08 May 2023

Pokemon Go Players Frustrated by Avatar Posing Bug That Freezes the Game Image

A recent bug in the popular mobile game Pokemon Go has been causing frustration among players as it leads to the game freezing when using certain avatar poses. The issue has become widespread, with numerous trainers sharing their experiences on social media platforms and seeking solutions to fix the problem.

The bug appears to affect all devices hosting Pokemon Go, causing the game to freeze abruptly as soon as a player tries to use an avatar pose. This has led to a significant amount of annoyance within the community, with many expressing sympathy for those affected by the freezing issue. The problem is common enough that it has prompted several responses from players who have encountered it.

In response to a player sharing their experience with the bug on Twitter, Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, acknowledged that they are aware of the screen freeze issues encountered during "some gameplay activities." They assured players that their team is working on a solution for this bug.

Until a permanent fix is provided by Niantic, their official advice for players experiencing this issue is to change their avatar back to its default pose. This temporary workaround should help alleviate some of the frustration caused by the game freezing while using certain avatar poses.

As Niantic works on addressing this bug, Pokemon Go players can only hope that a quick resolution is found and implemented. In the meantime, affected trainers will have to rely on temporary workarounds such as reverting their avatars back to default poses in order to continue enjoying their gaming experience without interruption.