Shifts in Gaming Experience: Forza Motorsport Changes Up Gameplay

14 Aug 2023

Shifts in Gaming Experience: Forza Motorsport Changes Up Gameplay Image

The upcoming release of Forza Motorsport on Xbox Series X|S and PC this October 10 comes with a wave of anticipation but also a surprising twist. The game, according to Turn 10 Studios, the creators behind this reputable franchise, will hit the shelves minus three fan-favorite features. 

Forza Motorsport has always been applauded for its immersive gameplay, one that has historically provided fans with eye-catching graphics and the raw experience of rubbing shoulders with opponents on the race track. While the forthcoming title will witness a step up in the graphic department and even an improved rendering engine, it would unfortunately not permit split-screen multiplayer. According to Chris Esaki, the Creative Director, this is hitched to the studio's significant investment in new graphic features and the game’s rendering engine.

There's more, the ability to compete against Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various multiplayer modes and the spectator mode will also be absent. These elements contribute to Forza's intense and dynamic environment. However, Esaki shared that removing these features was necessary to stay in line with the studio's new direction for the game. This might be a shift from the norm, but it justifies their reasons for omitting them. It's about molding the game into a particular style of racing that they had envisioned.

The absence of a spectator mode, according to Esaki, goes against the nature of the racing they had intended. He mentioned that having players enter a multiplayer event, take up player slots, and then spectate did not seem to fit their ideal. By the same token, featuring AI racers in multiplayer races could potentially impact players' safety ratings - another reason they chose to withhold this feature. 

Turn 10 Studios has made it clear that these changes are fundamental to their vision for the new Forza Motorsport. While the news may be shocking to fans and gamers alike, all eyes will be on October 10. Whether these changes will revamp or affect the appeal of the franchise remains to be seen.