TikTok Accessing Oracle Servers to Support Users in the US

27 Jun 2022

TikTok Accessing Oracle Servers to Support Users in the US Image

TikTok is a big platform that has been involved in many privacy conflicts. Its mother company ByteDance is based in China; it has previously caused problems to the US side of the app. Now, TikTok is on the way to teaming up with the Oracle server located in Texas to provide safety for American users.

The first signs of data leakage appeared back in September 2021 and then resurfaced in January 2022. US TikTok employees had to ask their colleagues in China multiple times to access the data of the US users. It seemed weird at the time that only China-based offices could maintain such information.

In 2020, president Donald Trump tried to threaten ByteDance by installing a nationwide ban on TikTok since the app seemingly possessed dangers to national security. After that, some changes had to be made. TikTok began to make deals with American company Oracle which operates in different technology. Reportedly, the plan was named Project Texas because Oracle’s headquarters are located in that state. It wasn’t about selling the US-based assets but rather creating a mutual connection.

Gradually, all data of the US users is expected to be transferred to Oracle servers to protect and save the system. The US traffic is now mainly operated by Oracle Cloud Infrastructures. Of course, there are servers in Virginia and Singapore, but they save the role of backup servers only.

TikTok wants to ensure its users that the platform is indeed trustworthy, and there is no need to worry about your data on the app. Despite all the controversies, important steps to protect user databases are being made, so you can be calm in that department for now.

Are you often worry about your info on TikTok? What measures do you take to protect yourself? Please, share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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