TikTok Is Improving Methods of Protection Against Inappropriate Content

20 Jul 2022

TikTok Is Improving Methods of Protection Against Inappropriate Content Image

TikTok takes the safety of its users very seriously. Recently, the company has taken another step to improve the user experience of the application. TikTok has provided a better system for filtering videos that are potentially inappropriate for a younger audience to watch.

The company has already taken active measures in response to criticism of the lack of security of the younger generation on the expanses of TikTok, so the parental control feature was immediately added. The latest innovation allows the filtering mechanism to be more flexible since each user can additionally specify the video inadmissibility criteria.

This feature concerns content correction in the For You feed, where recommendations are presented. The new “not interested” tool will allow you to effectively remove uninteresting or unpleasant recommendations. But that's not all, since TikTok is already developing a feature that will allow you to filter out inappropriate views based on hashtags and words in the description. Therefore, if the user, for example, is not interested in football, he can easily hide everything that mentions football.

TikTok monitors potentially dangerous videos that may encourage people to take undesirable actions. This kind of content includes extreme diets and videos that incite aggression. Now the company is working on support for all languages to quickly implement the auto-filter function for words and hashtags. Also, shortly, it is planned to distribute all content to the appropriate age limits to more accurately organize recommendations for children of different ages.

Do you find security methods on TikTok sufficient? What ideas do you have for improving the safety of children while using the app? Please share your opinion below.


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