Twitter Partners with Shopify

06 Jul 2022

Twitter Partners with Shopify Image

Twitter opens up new opportunities for merchants in the US through its integration with Shopify. The new partnership will improve the level of e-commerce, which will increase the reach of the audience, and therefore the number of in-app purchases. This integration will make it easier for the buyer to find potentially suitable products and inspire new purchases.

Twitter has created a channel dedicated specifically to selling through the Shopify admin or Shopify's App Store. Merchants can already add it and then use the Twitter Shopping Manager to log in to their Shopify admin. After that, the full functionality for professional online sales will be available since the merchant will be able to showcase all his products using Twitter after synchronizing the accounts.

The platform for sales on Twitter is expected to be extremely promising. For example, Senior Social Media Manager at Trixie Cosmetics, Jessica Stevens, claims that access to Shopify has improved the way they find new customers. After all, thanks to public account information, you can better and faster understand the needs and interests of customers.

Automatic synchronization and the ability to immediately provide access to goods and services make it possible to simplify the purchase procedure for the client, which has a positive effect on sales dynamics. Twitter is extremely convenient for communicating and quickly find the target audience. A new tab called "Shop" is already available for merchants. Since the innovation has just appeared, it is available for placement of up to 50 products for a separate tab.

Do you think sales will improve as a result of the partnership between Twitter and Shopify? How often do you shop through major social platforms? Please share your opinion below.

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