YouTube Will Soon Have a Commercial Music Program and The Ability to Publish Disappearing Posts

02 Aug 2022

YouTube Will Soon Have a Commercial Music Program and The Ability to Publish Disappearing Posts Image

Meta recently added a revenue-sharing program allowing all creators to use licensed music in their content. And the other day, YouTube announced a similar innovation, which will now be in test mode.

YouTube officials have commented that they have long recognized the importance of empowering creators. The music component is one of the key aspects of the content, so they needed to provide access to any music to continue to have an income from their work. Also, YouTube representatives emphasized that so far, the new option is available to a limited number of authors since it needs to be thoroughly tested, but there will be much more information in the next few months.

Similar to the program in Meta, creators will get income from content that uses copyrighted music, and a part of the income will be given to the copyright holders of the music that was used. Of course, such a format can create cases where music is used in the content, creating an undesirable association for the listeners. However, over time, this innovation will surely be improved. Currently, there are already certain standards and requirements that content creators should meet when using copyrighted music.

Such an update on YouTube is quite natural since it has obviously succeeded for Meta. This means that soon such an expansion of musical opportunities will be available on many social platforms since no media giant will refuse an opportunity to grow profits.

YouTube is also testing the feature of posting disappearing messages in communities. With its help, moderators can publish content that will disappear within a day or two.
Will YouTube become even more interesting with licensed music in the content? Will moderation be more convenient with the introduction of disappearing messages? Please share your thoughts below.


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