Top-5 Weirdest and Funniest Animal Crossing Items

23 Mar 2021

Top-5 Weirdest and Funniest Animal Crossing Items Image

In anticipation of April Fool's Day, the developers of Animal Crossing: New Horizons have released an update with lots of fun things, including colorful whoopee pillows. It is a limited offer and will be available throughout April. We decided to recall other funny items that you can get in the game in this regard.

Peach Chair

A Peach Chair has a very cute design but still looks rather weird for home furniture, like a cut fruit. You need a tree and 10 peaches to make it. A bit strange set for a chair. It is a full-fledged playable item that doesn't just stand in a room as decor; you can sit on it. Tom Nook will give you the recipe, or you can fish a bottle with a note from the sea.

Flimsy Tools

If at least once in your childhood you made a fishing rod from a thin stick, then you know what this is about. Flimsy tools can be called a basic set of instruments. They are all made of stones and sticks and can only be used a few times before they break. They are inexpensive and easy to make, but you should replace them with more reliable items whenever possible.

Two Days Ago Song

Music has its own place in Animal Crossing, and that's what we love this game for. We have chosen the Two Days Ago song as it is a nod to The Beatles' Yesterday. It resembles several tracks of this group at once. Besides, the cover of this song also copies a photo from the album With The Beatles. The famous musician (in a game's world) K.K. Slider imitated the members of the British group.

Noh Mask

Animal Crossing has a lot of details and pieces of furniture related to Japanese culture. But the most memorable for many players was Noh Mask. A person wearing it looks creepy, like if they came out of a horror movie. While there is nothing wrong with the mask itself, to the untrained gamers, it might seem spooky. Some users preferred to wear the mask on the back of their heads, which made them look even scarier.

Canned Piano

If you are a supporter of reasonable consumption in real life, you will surely appreciate this item. You can make customizable musical instruments from cans in the game. Find three pieces, and you can make a unique piano. Of course, cans are not all the materials needed to build it, but it's worth the effort. You can play your favorite tune on it.

Endless Fun

There are so many different items in Animal Crossing that all the weird and funny things just don't fit into one list. Moreover, the developers regularly release updates and add seasonal events. It is for its diversity that millions of users have fallen in love with this game.