YouTube Checks Out Kids Content Creators

27 Oct 2021

YouTube Checks Out Kids Content Creators Image

Recently YouTube announced that they are planning to check all the content under the “made for kids” tag. As a result, they will demonetize channels of low quality. The main risk group is the overly commercialized channels and those that encourage negative attitudes and behavior towards others.

Previously YouTube has shared its plans to delete all the content that may teach children abusive behavior. Materials will be excluded from the YouTube Kids app. Starting November, YouTube is going to cut the payments for such content. The new policy of monetization may completely cut creators from the YouTube Partner Program.

In August, the biggest music and video streaming platform said that it decided to increase children’s protection by adding more regulations to its system. YouTube is planning to shift the settings of each channel. The suggested content will not be visible for children unless their parents allow it. Also, there will be bedtime reminders and “take a break” recommendations. Videos for “interests” will be without the ads for teens and kids.

YouTube was a target for the numerous advocacy groups who want to force the company to remove ads from children’s content. They claim that YouTube breaks the rules between content providing and advertising a wide range of products. According to them, numerous channel owners don’t even hide tight relations between them and brands they promote. The most obvious example is Ryan ToysReview or Ryan’s World channel created by millionaire Ryan Kaji. The channel is mainly focused on toys and their unboxing.

Apart from commercialized content, YouTube attacks the one that teaches children negative and rude behavior. The content with pranks, bullying, and dishonesty will be demonetized and excluded from YouTube Kids. Misleading and deceptive teaching content will also be gone.

Parents with kids! Please tell us which YouTube channels deserve to be saved. Which channels do you tolerate?

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